Leah Brooke Martin

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December 28, 2012 by pastorjmartin

Leah Brooke Martin
(Come Thou Fount)

Leah Brooke, she is our daughter
And we love her very much
We have loved her from the moment
That our God gave her to us

We will pray that she will serve God
And she’ll love her dad and mom
And we pray she’ll love her siblings
With a very special love.

Leah Brooke, she is a leader
She will lead those around her
She will tell the lost of Jesus
And about her home above

Telling others of her Saviour
She will do the best she can
Leading by her good example
Doing just what God has planned

~Your first name of Leah gives you a responsible, self-sufficient, and dependable nature.

~If you have been given the opportunity, you could do well in business developing your leadership, administrative, and managing abilities.

~Appreciating quality in all things, you desire to be prosperous.

~You have a strong, determined nature and you must be careful that you do not dominate or interfere in the lives of others in your desire to be helpful.

~This name could make you too forceful at times, limiting the natural feminine qualities of tenderness and tact.

~The name Leah creates the urge to be reliable and responsible.

~Your middle name of Brooke indicates qualities of a leader and organizer.

~You strive to maintain high standards and the best quality in all your endeavors.

~You have a friendly nature, well-liked by others for your sense of humour and pleasant personality and you love socializing in general.

~You could be musically or artistically inclined and may often be the “life” of the party.


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